Hair Transplantation and Medical Aesthetics
Dermatology and Venereology (Andreas Syngros Hospital)

Doctor Papanikolaou Lefteris has eleven years of experience in hair transplantation and aesthetic medicine. He was scientific director at the clinic of DHI Athens and London from 2011 to 2015, performing over 2750 surgical operations with DHI in England, France, Switzerland, Germany, India. He has been a member of the Medical Association of Athens since 2008, of GMC (General Medical Council) of England since 2009, and ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) since 2012, member of HDS- Hellenic Dermoscopy Association (ELEDE) & Hellenic Society of Dermatology & Venereology (EDAE) from 2017, to date. Resident in dermatology & venereology at Andreas Syggros Hospital, since 2017.


Workplace: Glyfada, Greece
Telephone numbers: +30 6973731730
Date of birth: 5/9/1974
Place of birth: Athens, Greece
Nationality: Hellenic
Marital status: Married


14/06/ 2017: Certification for infection control and prevention in the United Kingdom

14/06/ 2017: Hellenic Society of Dermatology & Venereology (EDAE) Member

14/11/ 2017: HDS-Hellenic Dermoscopy Association (ELEDE) Member

01/06/ 2012: Awarded with Phidias prize (concerning artistic skills and design in the field of hair restoration) by DHI, at Sounion, GR

11/ 2012 – 11/2015: Medical Director of DHI Athens.

17 – 20/11/ 2012: Invited by ISHRS-International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Invited to attend as instructor on the topic, (Training session with manual extraction using holder and FUE punch) DHI speaker on the topic, (Direct Hair Implantation) at the international conference LIFE EXTRACTION FUE.


11/2006 – 05/2017:
Ι. 2,750 hair transplantation sessions for DHI, with frequent travels abroad: Greece, Cyprus, London, France, India, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland.
II. Participation in medical meetings at the headquarters of DHI clinic, on a weekly basis.
III. Quality control – ISO responsible.
ΙV. Active member at DHI research and evaluation programs with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

09/2011 to 05/2015: Instructor and educator at the English Academy of DHI in London.
Training and certification of new DHI doctors in Athens.

10/9/2010: DHI responsible scientific director. UK Certified specialist.

03/2009 – 09/2009: Chief doctor at DHI London Clinic, UK


05/ 2017 – 05/ 2020: Resident in Dermatology & Venereology at Andreas Syggros Hospital, (second part of the specialisation).

09/ 2009 – 09/ 2010: Pathology at General Hospital of Limnos.

10/ 1993 – 10/ 1999: Medical University of Plovdiv.


31/05 – 03/06/ 2018: Conference on Skin Diseases past, future, present.

2 – 5/11/ 2017: 13th Panhellenic Conference of Dermatology Venereology by the Hellenic Society of Dermatology & Venereology (EDAE-HSDV)

14/10/ 2017: Medical Training on Aesthetic Management & Injection Techniques with Hyaluronic Acid, by Dr. Per Heden, in Athens, GR

23 – 25 /06/ 2017: Certification in the 4th International Summit on nail diseases, in Athens, GR.

3 – 6 /11/2016: Participation in the 12th Panhellenic Conference of Dermatology and Venereology in Athens

28 & 29 May 2016: DHI Academy Masters Meeting at the Medical School of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, GR

16/01/ 2016: Certification at BLS / AED, basic life support & automated external defibrillation.

13 & 14/06/ 2015: DHI Academy Masters Meeting at Lavrion, GR

31/05 & 1/06/ 2014: DHI Academy Masters Meeting at Sounion, GR

05/12/ 2013: Winter Meeting of DHI ACADEMY in Athens, GR

27 – 30/06/ 2013: 9th International Conference of Aesthetic Dermatology in Athens, GR

02/04/ 2013: Seminar and certification on “PRP” plasma therapy, at Wigmore Medical London.

30-31/06/ 2012: DHI Masters Conference-presentation of difficult cases Academy, at Sounion, GR.

30-31/06/ 2011: DHI Masters Conference-presentation of difficult cases Academy, at Sounion, GR.

30-31/06/ 2010: DHI Masters Conference-presentation of difficult cases Academy, at Sounion, GR.

10/2009: Seminar of aesthetic medicine “Hyaluronic Acid & Botulinum Toxin Type A”

30-31/06/ 2009: DHI Masters Conference-presentation of difficult cases Academy, at Sounion, GR.

03/ 2009: Seminar “Emergency Life Support & Pediatrics”, LONDON, N.H.S.

11/ 2005 – 02/ 2006: Internship, “HYGEIA” General Hospital. (Internal Medicine, Oncology and Dermatology Clinics).

02/ 2003 – 08/ 2003: Medical Consultant at “BEAUTY & DIET” Spa Centre.

09/ 2001 – 05/ 2002: Doctor at the Military Base “ELLINIKO”.

10/ 2000 – 12/ 2000: Internship, “251” Air Force General Hospital (First Aid
and emergency treatment).

01/ 2000 – 05/ 2000: Internship: Asklipieion Voulas General Hospital (Internal Medicine clinic).


First and foremost, in the field of hair restoration
Exceptional analytical skills,
Excellent performance in training new doctors in the field of hair restoration.
Very good at handling crisis situations.
Team spirit.


Greek, English, Bulgarian, French.


Music, Theatre, Art, Reading, Basketball.

Specialty of dermatology and aphrodisiacs at the hospital Andreas Sygros. Scientific Director at the DHI Clinic of Athens from 2011 to 2015 with eleven years of experience in hair transplantation and aesthetic medicine.

Contact Info

+30 697 3731 730


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